Second Opinion

Success Starts with Making a Decision

Second Opinion


You don’t have to make a decision alone.

Making a decision, starts with a first step.

Second Opinion is helping business leaders make difficult decisions they have been avoiding. One difficult decision at a time!

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We all need a little help sometimes.  Decisions come with uncertainty. While you can never eliminate all uncertainty you can become more confident by listening to people who have experienced what you are facing.

Receive independent and unbiased insights from two successful and objective CEO’s, Presidents, Founders or C-Level executives. You will also receive a decision framework that has been proven to help you make better decisions in the future.


You will gain more confidence in your decision or you will discover different alternatives.  You will also be joining a community whose sole purpose is to help you be more successful.    


Confidentiality is critical and something we take very seriously.  If you elect to move forward, you will receive a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement from Second Opinion.  All of our Advisors have also signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement verifying that they will not use or disclose any information that is not in the public domain. .

WHY A Two Person Panel?

Decisions are difficult and important.  Studies have shown that the quality of solutions increases by 1/3 having three people involved in the decision making process. The full set of knowledge, skills, and experiences expands with three people. More resources are available for spotting additional options, applying best practices, closing gaps, and spotting unforeseen consequences. There are multiple solutions to any issue and only hearing one person opinion may not lead you to the best result.


My current compensation plan isn’t driving the behavior that I am seeking.  I have spent the last three months designing and redesigning my plan. I feel that I have a plan that will work for everyone but I am not 100% sure?

I feel like I need to fire my Vice President of Sales.  I am frustrated by our sales results for over the past six months.  However, I am a little worried how some of my customers/clients will react.

I am raising capital to fund my growth.  I have found a potential investors but I am unsure if this is the right choice?

What Does it Cost?

One-time Decision – one hour presentation and feedback session with one expert and one advisory member - $495.

Turnaround Board – meets virtually weekly to help companies that are in a crisis. Board meets until the crisis is resolved - Price is dependent on the situation

Satisfaction Guaranteed